30 June 2022

3D went to the zoo!

3D had a great trip to Blackpool zoo last week!  We all had a really nice day exploring the different animals and looking at their habitats.  The...

24 June 2022

Healthy Eating Week 3M/3OR

As part of Healthy Eating Week 3M made their own Story boards about a healthy character they had created- this was part of our literacy key skills session in which they were learning to write in different genres and to enjoy Literacy. As part of our Healthy eating week 30R designed...

22 June 2022

The Perfect Pizza 3B

A HUGE thank you to Dominos Pizza, Rawtenstall today who allowed 3B to visit their kitchen and create their own pizzas. We got a...

20 June 2022

KS4 Residential to Liverpool

6th June to 10th June 2022. Our Magical Mystery Tour to Liverpool began with excitement, trepidation and packing of bags into the mini bus. Our students, Team Leaders and support staff set off on their journey after registration and got to Liverpool without any hiccups by...

20 June 2022

Making the most of the sunshine!

Making the most of the sunshine!   

25 March 2022

Secondary clubs

Secondary clubs

1 March 2022

Perfect Pancakes 

Perfect Pancakes  We started off cooking club by making pancakes to be ready for pancake day! The club worked together to read recipes, organise ingredients and make the pancakes. We discovered how important it is to use the right pan and discussed our favourite...

20 January 2022

4OB Ceramics

4OB pupils took part in ceramics and learnt about the basic techniques for slab building work - rolling out clay the same thickness - the clay needed to be as thick as their little finger. The pupils learn how to use a kidney. One pupil knew what this ceramic tool was and why we call that...

19 November 2021

KS4 Capcom Go