The foundation of ELIP Teaching School, is to support any school to raise standards for their learners. Central to this philosophy, is the removal of competitive barriers between schools and the establishment of an authentic community of practice. We are able to provide bespoke support for schools, facilitating their journey to acheive excellence in identified areas for improvement.

We share the vision of the Teaching School Council (TSC) and it’s 3 commitments:

  • That every school in England is entitled to relevant and timely support
  • Every school in England is prepared to be a giver of support
  • Every school in England is in an effective partnership

The alliance includes an extensive network of highly trained and experienced National Leaders of Education (NLEs), Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs) and Specialist Practitioners of Education (SPEs). Our School to School Support team are selected in line with your needs, and deploy a wide range of development techniques to drive targeted impact and create sustainable outcomes.

Our support includes:

  • Addressing areas for development by improving leadership capacity
  • Devising bespoke school improvement plans and brokering or commissioning the required support
  • Assisting a school in developing and implementing policies designed to bring about school improvement
  • Bringing about improvements in the data analysis undertaken by schools
  • Raising attainment and standards for vulnerable learners
  • Brokering academy conversion and supporting Teaching School applicants