Covid-19 Catch-Up Premium

What is it?

In September 2020, the Department for Education designated schools in England additional funding to schools to support them in improving outcomes for children and young people whose learning was affected by the pandemic.


At Tor View, we are using a variety of research informed strategies to support us in narrowing the gap and developing a transformational curriculum which will assist in making progress.


Areas of Focus

At Tor View, we have identified specific areas of focus which we will prioritise the Covid-19 Catch Up Premium to improve outcomes through a variety of strategies related to:

1.       Attendance

2.       CPD – High Quality Teaching

3.       One-to-One & Small group tuition

4.       Intervention Programmes

5.       Teaching Assistants and Targeted Support

6.       Supporting Remote Learning

Wider strategies:

1.       Supporting Parents & Carers

2.       Access to Technology

3.       Supporting Social, Emotional & Behavioural Needs


Details of the proposed strategy can be found in the document below:

Covid-19 Catch Up Funding


Further details of our remote education strategy can be found here (